How our Friendships Affect our Success

When you think of reaching your potential - whether it’s as a mom, CEO, entrepreneur, friend, cook, divorcee’, step-parent, or any other of the many roles that women hold - who do you have around you that empowers your success?

This has been said many times before but I’ll say it again, the people we have around us and the voices we listen to, have a huge impact in the satisfaction of our path to success.  Not only do our ideas need nurturing, our souls need it as well. 

As many changes as I’ve been through in life (and I’m sure you too), I’ve also learned and felt the repercussions of friendships during my times of transition. Some make the transition, some don’t and some get added in. Either way it affects our ability to push beyond today.      

Recently, I attended an event for HeartStories and heard the wonderful author, Shasta Nelson, speak about what she calls “Friendship Health”.  I walked away with so many wonderful nuggets of how to enrich my life and inner-circle.  It was a really powerful night.

Whether you are in a transition or just looking to enhance your friendships, Shasta says these 8 types of friends will help us navigate who we are and who we are becoming! 

8 Types of Friends we all Need:

Builders – Motivators of you & your dreams

Champions – Those who stand up for you & helps you find your voice

Collaborators – Those who do things with you & have same interests

Companion – Always there for you

Connector – They help you get what you need & connect you with opportunities

Energizers – The friend that just makes things better

Mind – Openers – friends who make you see things differently & have different views

Navigators – give advice & keep you headed in the right direction

Bonus: The Combo – a friend who excels in more than one category of friend

After reading this how does your friendship circle look and how can you be a better friend to others?  Remember, change always creates a new center of gravity – be the friend who stays with the relationship.

Jennifer GriffinComment