3 Questions to Ask & Not Ask When Things Go Wrong

Photo Credit: Nik MacMillan

If one thing is certain, it’s that LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE and things will go wrong. Life is all about ups and downs, twists & turns. Even though these things are certain and the experiences allow you to grow both emotionally and spiritually, it’s not always easy. 

However, the hidden gem in life’s twists and turns is that you can discover your inner leader and design your own path.  We all have a way of processing when things go wrong, right? Think about your process for a minute. Do you panic, go right into action, shut down, make lists??

Whatever your way is, Deepak Chopra says these 3 questions will provide you a positive resolution:

Remember, the amount of effort you put into answering these questions is what will bring you a clear direction and success rate.

 1.    Is this a problem I should fix, put up with or walk away from? Or, what about this problem should I fix, put up with or walk away from?

2.    Who can I consult who has solved the same problem successfully?

3.    How can I reach deeper into myself for solutions?

In addition, to stay in a positive and productive mindset, these are 3 questions NOT to ask yourself:

1.    What’s wrong with me?

2.    Who can I blame?

3.    What’s the worst-case scenario?

Navigate the big picture into bite-size pieces and produce the results you are looking for while paying attention to YOUR growth and leadership.

After you have gotten through whatever goes wrong, find time to celebrate by writing down your experience and what you learned.  Before you know it, your leadership skills will start to shine and each time will become much more manageable.     

Working on ourselves to grow is one thing. But don’t fall into the trap of self-sabotaging.  Stick with the Top 3 gold.  Your inner leader is awaiting!