How to Stop The Negative Chatter

5 ways to Hear the Positive Voice

by Jen Griffin

How many times a day do you hear a little voice inside your head making you second guess yourself or just bringing some form of negativity to your thoughts or surroundings?  At some point we all have this voice, right? Let’s get rid of the negative.  Here are 5 ways to turn down the noise and bring in a positive guiding voice.

1)    Stand in WHO you are and OWN IT.

Start your day with intention. The only person who can control the thoughts going through your mind is YOU.  Be good to yourself. Only YOU have the unique qualities that make you, you. OWN your goodness.

2)    Understand where your voice is coming from and give it a Name.

One of the strongest side effects of words is power. Take time to understand where the voices in your head are coming from. Understand the influence and dynamic it brings into your world. The more you try to avoid or run away from engaging with the emotions, the more it will control you.

Give yourself a gift. NAME the voice you hear then release its power by letting go of engaging with it. Is it a person, a color, a character, a metaphor or your own fears? Whatever it is for you, let it go.  The more you understand it’s origin the less power the voice will have.

Find a positive influence in your life and start guiding your thoughts with the positive guidance this influence provides you.

3)    Be Conscious

The conscious part of your mind is responsible for logic and reasoning, and a good portion of your negative thoughts. 

The subconscious part of your mind is responsible for all your involuntary actions. Such as breathing and heartbeat – it’s just happening automatically.

BE AWARE: Your influence brings both together. You are constantly influencing your subconscious by the patterns you teach yourself and whatever you are learning that becomes second nature. Because of this, be present and aware of what words and perspectives you are feeding your subconscious. Eventually they will be your present state of consciousness.  Choose to be good to yourself.   

4)    Get Creative

This is YOUR life. Have a creative outlet to express yourself.  Putting your emotions into writing, painting, exercise, competing, cooking, etc. is an amazing way to focus on yourself while getting your emotions out. {E}motions are energy in motion. Energy is contagious and can truly influence your actions. Since you are creating your life daily, be aware of how you’re designing the energy you put out into the world.

5)    It’s All Perspective

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking for a different perspective, right?

Slow things down and talk through your perspective of the current situation. Your perspective could be influencing the negative chatter. TRUST that there is a way and make a shift. There is always another perspective – find a way out of the maze by talking it out or writing out different options and views. Go big – push your ideas. Even if you conclude that the perspective may not work, it will get you more focused on what you do want.