How a Great Coach Can Help You Build Your Self Confidence

by Val Miller

People can’t just wish for confidence and hope it comes true.  Confidence comes from trying new things and succeeding at them.

Easier said than done.

Maybe that’s why, gathering the courage to try something completely new is one of the number one reasons for hiring a coach. 

Human beings are resistant to change.  It’s sometimes easier to stick with the status quo than to follow a dream you have, or transform your life, especially if it means confronting fear.  Fear is paralyzing.  It comes in many forms: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of judgement, and fear of being competent.  There is also that guy (or girl) that we coaches call: The Saboteur.  The Saboteur is usually a voice from within that constantly reminds someone of why they can’t or shouldn’t do something.  Sometimes the Saboteur is a real person, someone you know, that, for whatever reason, doesn’t believe in your vision of the future, and this discourages you.

Just entering into a coaching relationship is already a sign of commitment to the change you want to take place.  Some clients begin coaching knowing the goal they want to accomplish.  Others know just that their current situation is not bringing them satisfaction.  Life feels uninspiring.  A good coach will not only help you identify what you do want but will also accompany you and support you in your challenge.

Coaches are objective and curious.  They ask questions you may have never asked yourself.  They encourage you to look at challenges through different lenses, allowing you to see things in a whole new light.  This process frees up energy and encourages creative thinking, both of which are essential to the success of new projects.  Coaches invite you to consider POSSIBILITIES.

Coaches encourage proactivity.  Making exciting choices, as opposed to “letting life happen,” empowers people.  I like the metaphor of the client swimming down the river and the coach walking along the shore.  The client is actively navigating the currents and is ultimately the captain of his journey but the coach is a steady influence and support, galvanizing the client to pursue the course of action.  

Your coach is the person that will challenge you, because she believes in you, and will hold you accountable session after session. 

It is this authentic support that allows people to enter into challenges and have the best chances of succeeding at their endeavors.  And when we succeed we feel pride in our work, a sense of accomplishment and well-being and, of course our confidence sky rockets. 

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