Executive|Leadership|Expatriate Coaching

Executive Coaching is a state-of-the-art tool to enhance performance.

In Co-Active Leadership there are five key leadership styles which we are continually moving in and out of throughout our personal and professional life.

Leader Within - Leader in Front - Leader Behind - Leader Beside - Leader in the Field.

When we take responsibility for how we show up, not only for others but for ourselves as well, we become aware of the impact we are having and take ownership of it.  “Leading” becomes a part of who we are.

As organizations utilize new trends in innovation and technology, so too do those in leadership positions need to find new and agile ways to contribute across a wide range of ever-changing situations. 

Design Within Leadership Coaching work with organizations and individual professionals to enhance leadership, performance and career potential. Working closely with all stakeholders, a purposeful outcome is identified to meet the changing needs of the business, the leadership team and the individual.

Your Coach will work with you to co-create a personal plan that will stretch your thinking and develop a road-map for on-going development.

  • Reconnect meaning and purpose on a professional and personal journey
  • Develop the Leader Within and become agile in moving through different leadership styles
  • Define strategy, align priorities and develop a sustainable action plan
  • Achieve set goals while managing work-life balance and stress

The key role of the Executive Coach is to enable you to develop the 'Leader Within'*, which is the foundation upon which all other leadership styles are built. You engage in a confidential and collaborative professional relationship and start with gaining an appreciation of the challenges you are facing. The independence and creativity of the coach will encourage you to discover new perspectives and resonating new insights, which will energize you to find innovative and effective solutions and put them in practice.  We provide opportunities for you to develop and test ideas in a safe environment. Our coaches offer objective feedback and are strongly committed to helping you to achieve your goals.