Design Within Coaching is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve a positive, measurable, long-term change in leadership behaviors.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a developmental process in which an individual works with a skilled professional to achieve a positive, measurable, long-term change in leadership behaviors, which in turn positively impacts their performance and career.

Coaching with Design Within prepares clients to become engaged and authentic leaders which will subsequently enhance the organization’s mission and objectives.  After thorough discussions with all stakeholders, Design Within Coaches work with an individual in a creative, confidential space and enable them to identify the behaviors that help them achieve their full potential within the organization and as leader. Our coaches provide structure and feedback to help understand their way of functioning, discover new perspectives and skills, find motivation and be accountable for achieving their goals. Coaching is a great investment in an individual’s development and will enable him/her to grow efficiently and successfully in their role.

Measuring Effectiveness

At the start of every coaching journey, we talk with our clients to understand what success looks like, how we are going to measure that success and any information we may want to collect. For example, behavioral change can be measured by involving self-selected stakeholders who provide 360-degree feedback at the start and end of the coaching journey.

How we Can Help:

Our coaching can enhance your strengths in these areas: (Please ask about customized consultation).

Emerging Leader

  • Develop managerial agility and leadership communication skills

  • Inspire results driven engagement

  • Coach team members for individual development

Team Cohesion and Diversity

Diverse teams get better results. Members of cohesive teams trust each other, are able to handle conflict constructively, are committed, accountable and attentive to results. We work with your team on improving communication and understanding among all stakeholders in a diverse landscape of professional teams.

  • Develop team cohesion around shared corporate values
  • Strengthen cooperation and communication
  • Enhance team performance and efficiency

Women Leaders

Designed to enable women growing into leadership roles to develop conviction of their legitimacy and strengths.

  • Develop personal and authentic leadership style
  • Work on efficient leadership behaviors
  • Master the art of communication, influence & persuasion
  • Develop political and intercultural intelligence
  • Understand Gender Intelligence - insight into how women are perceived in management roles and how to communicate effectively between genders
  • Grow Social Capital - leveraging a blend of emotional intelligence, interpersonal impact and diplomacy skills.

Strategic Career Coaching

Strategic Career Coaching enables to put in place a strategic plan to prepare an individual for a leadership role in the future. It is coaching for professionals who are talented and ambitious, but are unclear around the next move and how to acquire the skills and experience required for the big role in the future.